CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition (CIRC) alognwith Consumer Unity & Trust Society (CUTS International) is undertaking an empirical based research to advocate for constructive policy and regulatory reforms in the IPR regime in order to foster innovation and competition. This research is envisaged to facilitate promotion of a balanced IP regulatory framework that promotes and advances technological innovations, resulting in benefits to consumers and producers in India. The research programme will provide a sustaining platform for discourse and discussions involving different stakeholders from industry, government/regulators (former/current), academia, media, etc. Two research studies shall be undertaken in the first year, namely, “Intellectual Property Rights and India’s New Development Trajectory” and “Analysing Regulatory Framework for Standard Essential Patents in India”. These themes will help to identify and analyse issues more constructively and will provide inputs for the evidence based policy discourse, building and shaping policy consensus, based on ground level evidences.


Intellectual property rights: when it’s broken, fix it!
Mint, February 23, 2016
Protect intellectual property, for starters
The Hindu Business Line, January 22, 2016
Indian industry’s fundamental flaw
The Hindu Business Line, December 24, 2015


CompIP Phase 2

Distinguished Lecture, April 26, 2019
CUTS Institute for Regulation & Competition (CIRC) organised a distinguished web-lecture by Jayashree Watal, Counsellor, Intellectual Property Division, World Trade Organization, on “Patents and Pharmaceuticals” on International IP Day, April 26, 2019, as a part of Comp-IP Project phase 2.

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CompIP Phase 2 Faculty Development Programme, December 15, 2018


CUTS-CIRC Vth Biennial Conference on Competition, Regulation & Development.
New Delhi, November 9-11, 2017

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Roundtable Discussion on Growth of ICT Sector in India: Issues and Challenges pertaining to SEPs
15:00 to 18:00 hrs | August 22, 2016
Maple Hall, India Habitat Centre |New Delhi

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Launch Conference

Promoting Innovation and Competition for Efficient Use of Intellectual Property in India (Comp-IP Programme)
Date: Friday March 11, 2016

Venue: Desire Hall, Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi

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